Council Links

Links to some of Cheshire East’s services are listed below.

Bin Collection days:


Website: Bins Collection Day


Benefits entitlements –

Housing Benefits and Council Tax Support , Discretionary Housing Payment, Emergency Assistance, Second Adult Rebate

Website: Housing Benefits


Business and Business Rates

Website: Business and Business Rates


Care and Support – Children and adults

Website: Care and Support for Children



Council Tax

Website: Council Tax


Councillors representing Handforth:

Barry Burkhill 01625 524646 (Mayor of Cheshire East 2019-2020)

Julie Smith 07 967 210007

Health, Wellbeing and Support

Website: Health, Well-Being and Support


Website: Housing Services


Making payments to the council

Website: Making payments online to the Council



Website: Planning

Local Plan Strategy 2010-2030

Website: Local Plan Strategy 2010-2030

Handforth Neighbourhood Plan

Website: Handforth Neighbourhood Plan

Planning Applications (Search for specific application)

Planning Applications (Search for specific application)

Planning Applications for Major Sites in Handforth:

Clay Lane / Sagars Road Development

Application Website: 19/1797M

Cypress House – Redevelopment

Application Website: 19/3218M

The Sanctuary, off Coppice Way (Care Village): There are numerous applications for this site – only the most recent is listed here.

Application Website: 19/5804M


. Handforth Town Council

. Handforth Council  Website


Handforth Town Councillors

East Ward (broadly, the Spath Lane estate)

Cynthia Samson 01625 250427

John Smith

West Ward (broadly, the Knowle Park and “Lakes” estates)

Sam Millward 

Susan Moore 01625 251625


South Ward

Brian Tolver  01625 522342



Ashley Comiskey Dawson 01625 523330