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Handforth is superbly located, just minutes from Manchester International Airport, minutes from the excellent North-West motorway network, and sitting astride the high-speed train service to London. We’ve got great facilities, lots of places to eat and relax, and businesses of every sector. Amongst our superb portfolio, we have Aston Martin, BMW, Ferrari, Porsche and Rolls-Royce; we have three of the biggest M&S, Next and Tesco stores and a host of other industries. We have bustling Manchester on one side, and the lush peaceful Cheshire countryside on the other.


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Consultation launched on whether Handforth’s council should merge with Wilmslow, Styal and Chorley councils

3rd Sept 2021: Cheshire East Council (“CEC”) have launched their promised 12-week consultation on boundary changes for several towns and villages within there are.

For Handforth, the proposal being considered by CEC is whether to group together Handforth, with Chorley and Styal, into an enlarged Wilmslow council.

The consultation website is now open, and will remain so until November 28th, 2021.

You can access it here: Cheshire East Community Governance Review – Part Two

You will be asked to complete a few tick-boxes. If you want to, you can add a text document(s) with your more detailed thoughts on the merger – for or against (you may well find it convenient to write the document before you go to the consultation website.)

CEC will consider all the responses. Your confidentiality is assured.

Here are some basic facts you may wish to consider:

In the consultation held in 2010, opinion in Handforth was as follows:

In favour of….

Handforth having its own council                                   619 votes

Handforth having no council at all                                 534 votes

Handforth and Wilmslow having a joint council:            414 votes

This was from a total Handforth electorate of over    5,000 voters

Handforth’s council is in favour of itself continuing to exist  as a separate council (by a vote in 2021).

Taxation and Spending

Handforth Council’s tax precept rate is 33% higher than Wilmslow’s. For example, a property in Band G in Wilmslow is taxed at 45.52; in Handforth it is 60.52.

In all ten years Handforth’s council has existed,, its income from the tax precept has been very consistent at around £90,000 pa.

Now, its committed expenditure pattern is approximately:

                                                                              %age of tax income

Essential overhead costs              £50,000 pa *    55%

Christmas lights                             £20,000 pa       22%

Contribution to 130 bus                 £10,000 pa **    11%

Balance for discretionary spend:   £10,000 pa        11%

(* the Essential Overheads include premises, audit and legal fees, computing and website, staff, stationery, professional services etc)

(** The £10k pa subsidy towards the 130 bus service is a pilot begun in 2021: costs are shared by CEC, Wilmslow and Alderley Edge. Wilmslow’s subsidy is crucial as it is much the biggest – neither Handforth nor Alderley Edge would be able to afford to underwrite the costs if Wilmslow were to withdraw.)

Handforth Parish Council changes name to Town Council

July, 2021 The Parish Council has changed its designation to “Handforth Town Council”.



Handforth Parish Council videos go viral…….

Millions of people watched a YouTube extract from a video of a Handforth Parish Council meeting of December 10th, 2020, when councillors told Jackie Weaver she had no legal authority to eject councillors from a meeting using her Zoom host system to do it.

Very few people realise there were two meetings that evening, and that they’ve only seen (part of) the second one.

The first meeting (of the Planning Committee) was in some ways more interesting, because it shows how the dispute came about in the first place.


The clip that “went viral” was from the second meeting, but the problems happened at the first meeting. The Chairman of the Council, Brian Tolver, has released a 15-minute video to Cheshire East Councillors, explaining what really happened at the two meetings to cause the dispute with the representative from ChALC, Jackie Weaver – click the link below to see his video……



You can see the full first meeting via the link below you have to key in an Access Passcode which is a little bit tricky – it’s  1%jjqo8&

(Note you can bypass the first 7 1/2 minutes, it’s just chatter as the guests assemble)



The second meeting followed shortly after, and that’s the one you’ve probably seen an extracted or modified version of. For the full official version, here’s the Passcode .0Q1rDwk  (note the full-stop at the beginning)



In fact, Jackie Weaver had no authority at all. The legal position is extremely simple and clear (not always a common thing in British law!) It says: “At a meeting of a parish council the chairman, if present ,shall preside. “ (That’s from the Local Government Act of 1972 – Schedule 12, Section 11 (1) – Page 301:)

She also had no legal right to hit the Eject button on her Zoom system. People can only be expelled from any council meeting if the Chairperson calls them for being disruptive/disorderly, and then if they repeat it, he can ask the councillors present to vote on whether to expel them. So no single individual person EVER has the right to eject anyone, and certainly not a member of the public, as Jackie Weaver was at that point. (In a council meeting, you are either a councillor, or the appointed clerk to the meeting, or a member of the public).

Of course, even more amazing was that  she did this TWICE in the same evening – first at the Planning Committee meeting, then at the full Council meeting half-an-hour later. 


Handforth council to merge with Wilmslow ????


Proposals are being considered by Cheshire East Council (CEC) to revise boundaries of towns and parishes across the Borough. One major change being proposed, is for Handforth and Chorley councils  to be merged with Wilmslow. If this is approved by the full Council, it will go out to a 12-week public consultation, possibly starting May. 

Cheshire East Council held a meeting of the Constitution Committee on 6th April 2021 which included a discussion about the potential merger of Handforth Parish Council with Wilmslow Town Council.

They have decided to pass their recommendations to the Full Council.

This includes a recommendation to put the proposals out for a 12-week public consultation, so this will probably begin in the coming weeks – we will post a note on this site when details are available.

There was significant discussion about whether there should be referendums in the parishes/towns that would be affected. The Committee resolved …

That the draft proposals … be formally agreed for the purposes of consultation and consulted upon for a 12-week period, and that where there is a proposal to change a parish name or alter a parish boundary, Cheshire East Council will conduct a referendum,

reflecting the request of the parish council, and the result of that referendum will be binding.”

(But note that CEC Officers advised the Committee that there was no budget available for referendums, and that the results of the referendums would not be legally binding upon the Council, so these appear to be open questions to be resolved at Full Council level).

We will bring you updates on progress, and information to help you decide whether to support this change or object to it.

We now understand the public consultation will be held over a 12-week period beginning sometime (to be announced) in September 2021. 

Next update on this consultation: September 2021.  








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